Books. How to Use a Book to Gain Authority – Episode 23

Episode Description

Episode 23 – Books. The Ultimate Business Tools to Establish Your Authority

  • 4:52 – One household and 16 books between them. How Andy and Kay launched their book careers
  • 8:46 – Go from unknown to known. Why books are the ultimate tool to establish your authority in your field
  • 11:34 – Do books work for B2B? Yes. Andy and Kay share how they’ve used books as a lead magnet for their digital marketing agency
  • 16:44 – How do I get published? Since anyone can self-publish these days how do you differentiate yourself in your market? You can gain more authority by going through a publisher. Learn the three criteria publishers look for
  • 18:42 – Avoid this book pitfall. Why having a book topic that’s too unique is not ideal
  • 23:23 – How do I self-publish? Writing and selling your book has never been easier. Andy and Kay walk you through how to do it
  • 28:44 – How much money do I make if I go through a publisher versus self-publish?
  • 31:15 – Ready to write your book now? So now, where do you start? How do you actually write a book? Learn how where to begin and how to structure your content

Show Notes

Great platforms that will help you create your book and that were mentioned on this show:

Kay’s Non-Fiction Book Roadmap: (Use code KANDYLIFE for 33% off)

Self publish on AMAZON:

Use this company to self publish and market your books:

This company publishes Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Use Canva to create a book cover:

Find a copyeditor on

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