Secrets to working at home without killing each other

Secrets to working at home without killing each other – Episode 12

Working at home is harder than it might appear. There are distractions like the TV, the fridge, your kids and the couch. Kay and Andy unveil the dirty little secrets of staying productive when your home is also your office. And now more than ever learning to work productively in your house, condo, or apartment is critical because, with the COVID19 pandemic requiring social distancing and self-isolation, we all might be working at home away more often. Say bye-bye to a traditional office and learn that normal office life may be steps from your bed for everyone and not just those that live a Kandy Life.

Episode Description

Episode 12 – How to Work From Home

  • 2:31 – Why it’s critical you establish some discipline with a routine that works for you and your business. Find out how Andy and Kay both structure their workday for success
  • 5:30 – Establish your work rules. One of Andy’s rules is: “No TV during the workday!” Find out the other top distractor he rules out that most people might not think of.
  • 8:41 – How to not fall in the trap of doing household chores when you should be working. And why it is great and can be one of the greatest reasons to work from home
  • 9:54 – Why it’s important to have at least one dedicated workspace, and why having more than one might make you more efficient. And why you need sunlight and air in your workspace
  • 16:23 – Why your brain works better when you shift gears and take more breaks. Learn about your brain’s Default Mode Network and Task Mode Network
  • 20:24 – Why you must structure a daily dose of social connection. It’s even more important when you work from home. There’s ample science to show that social connection is the no.1 factor to a fulfilled life
  • 22:30 – One of the best reasons to live the Kandy Life. As a couple, Andy and Kay truly work as a team when it comes to work and home life. Any couple can do this. But sometimes it takes getting used to working at home together and you need more communication and structure
  • 25:01 – Why you should put your workspace away from main traffic areas. Kids, pets, deliveries and how to be both professional but authentic/relatable when you work from home
  • 28:09 – Why a clean space might amp up your productivity and put you in the state of flow more frequently
  • 29:34 – How to communicate with kids and visiting family members when you need to work around them
  • 30:46 – Why it’s awesome to work around your kid(s) and be available to pick them up from school or take them to appointments without needing to ask a boss for time off

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