Our Origin Story – Episode 1

Kandy Life podcast - episode 1

Show Notes

“We were both in the mindset of, ‘let’s create our lives. Let’s not be victims. Let’s not suffer and work any jobs we hate.’” – Andy Walker

Move aside Kimye (Kim + Kanye), here comes Kandy (Kay + Andy). This power team runs a digital marketing agency, a tropical fruit company, a warehouse manuals business, and among numerous other things, a book writing operation from home, where they can usually be found working in their pajamas. 

The Kandy Life is an approach to living that happens when two entrepreneurial-minded individuals team up in love and business and decide life will be on their terms. Together, they run a household and build a life where each person is passionate about what they do, and where they both have time freedom, creative autonomy, and control of their financial destiny. As a team, they support each other to realize both personal and shared dreams. They build a life beyond what they each could alone.

Episode 1 explores Kay and Andy’s origin story and prepares you for what you will learn listening to The Kandy Life podcast. 

  • 1.26: What it’s like to live the Kandy Life. And how the couple agrees that one major benefit is working from home in your boxers.
  • 2.55: Running automated income streams and service-based businesses under one roof. The various businesses Kay and Andy run today and how they got here
  • 7:09: The Kandy love story. Find out how Kay and Andy became Kandy, and how the unique environment where they met has massively contributed to their success in business and love 
  • 10:24: The cornerstone belief that shapes the Kandy Life approach 
  • 12:15: How to pivot from a 9-5 job to running your own business. Kay’s transition from a successful event planner working for a company to a self-employed copywriter 
  • 14:37: The critical skills you need most today to step out on your own
  • 16:03: Why to be skills-focused when pivoting
  • 23:47: Kandy’s dream for listeners of this podcast
  • 24:46: The game-changing key to any business’ success. And the element other business podcasts are missing that you’ll get here
  • 26:10: Why the name ‘The Kandy Life’?

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