how to steer your business in a crisis

How to Steer Your Business in a Crisis – Episode 11

Worried about your business in a crisis? Whether it is a recession, a hurricane, a man-made emergency or even a pandemic, you can turn the challenge to your business into an opportunity for growth, expansion, or even rest and reflection. And it can be for the common good in the face of the crisis at hand. A lot of how you deal with a disruptive problem is mindset. In this episode of the Kandy Life, we talk about how you can overcome any problem even when the rest of the world doesn’t think it is possible. This episode was inspired by the coronavirus crisis, but it is advice that extends beyond it to any crisis you may find yourself dealing with.

Episode Description

Episode 11 – How to use a crisis like COVID-19 as an opportunity to do good with your business and thrive

We got caught out of the country during the COVID-19 crisis so we are posting a barebones episode until we get back to Canada. We will update the show notes when we return.

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Show Notes

To come.

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