How to overcome stress

How to overcome stress – Episode 20

Episode Description

Feeling stressed? Andy and Kay are and they’ve got some tips on how they deal with it. After all being an entrepreneur is a stressful lifestyle. But there are ways to overcome stress, deal with its awful effects, and overcome it to get back to productivity, harmony, and results. In this episode we roll through our favorite de-stressing hacks that actually work. We use it on ourselves and each other. Really. This morning. Hee hee.

Episode 20 – Overcoming Stress

  • 7:37 – How to prioritize what actually needs to get done. Why human beings create their own drama on what needs to get done and stress themselves out. Learn how to re-strategize your work so you lessen the load.
  • 12:05 – How to break free from the emotional swirl of stress by focusing on reality, metrics and tangible measurements
  • 14:35 – Why being authentic and sharing challenges with your community is one of the best ways to get speedy solutions for your “impossible” problems
  • 18:12 – Why changing your physiology is the fastest way to shift from a negative mood to a positive mood
  • 19:54 – A simple breathwork hack you can use for immediate clarity and that takes little energy or effort to do
  • 20:03 – Why meditation is a gamechanger and a simple way to gamify it using a Muse device
  • 22:43 – What’s a “belief nudge”? Learn Kay’s process for reframing all stressful situations
  • 24:57 – Go for the big win. Stress happens when you are overloading a finite resource so when you square away a small period of undisturbed time and get some meaningful work done it makes you feel much better
  • 26:47 – Andy’s top management tip

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