How to dismantle overwhelm - episode 4

How to Dismantle Overwhelm – Episode 4

Episode Description

Overwhelm can be an entrepreneur’s constant companion and a soul destroyer. It can make you want to stay in bed in the AM and avoid everything you have to do that day. And that can be the undoing of a business. This week Kay helps Andy dismantle his overwhelming week. She provides a step by step process to help him (and you) dismantle overwhelm and get back into action.

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Episode 4 – Overwhelm: How to Override It

1:07 – Overwhelm recovery. How Kay got Andy out of a pickle this week

5:40 – The cycle of overwhelm. How overwhelm plays out for most entrepreneurs. Have you experienced this?

7:21 – How men and women handle overwhelm. Learn the biologically-based difference between the sexes

9:42 – An easy way to coach anyone through overwhelm, including your partner

10:40 – How to regain control fast. A simple method for reframing overwhelm so you see the value in it

14:43 – An empowering question to ask in times of overwhelm

18:45 – Two more questions to use to regain your personal power during overwhelm

19:30 – The invaluable skills you get trained in as an entrepreneur. Learn how to use them override overwhelm.

22:04 – The two modes all people operate from

24:42 – Why two is better than one. How to support your partner to get through the hard times in business.

26:50 – Advice for entrepreneurial singles today who are seeking ‘the one’

Show Notes

Overwhelm Recovery Process for Entrepreneurs

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself or your partner when you are experiencing overwhelm. These questions will help you reframe the situation and reclaim your power fast:

  1. How is what’s happening moving me closer to what I want?
  2. What is really going on? Focus on stats and measurable metrics to pull yourself out of negative emotions and get grounded on the problem at hand. Without adding emotion, how can you navigate the situation to solve the situation?
  3. Who in my community can as I for support? Who can I delegate to? 
  4. Where in my past have I overcome a similar challenging situation?
  5. How can I reshape my language so I am not making this situation worse? (ie. saying phrases like “I am in crisis!” is not useful. Instead rephrase to: “I am in a challenging situation” to loosen the emotional sting)
  6. Think strategically about how to tackle the situation. Create a plan. Then take action. Remind yourself: I can only do what I can with the time and resources I have. I will do my best. That’s all I can do.

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