How to conquer business fear

How to Conquer Your Business Fear – Episode 5

Episode Description

To be successful at building any business you have to learn how to quickly squash fear. Fear is one of the most paralyzing negative emotions. Anytime you are overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, it’s because you are afraid of something! Fear is running you. Episode 5 of The Kandy Life puts an end to that. Kandy gives you a suite of practical tools you can use to conquer fear quickly and easily the moment you notice it’s in the way. Reclaim your personal power fast. Be unstoppable in business. Exponentially explode your results. And find out how Kay sidestepped a fear that almost stopped a new puzzle business venture from happening.

BONUS PREMIUM TOOL: KEO-level Patrons (show supporters on get free access to a downloadable printable Fear Toolkit Become a Patron! This 20-page ebook (PDF) provides 12 fear busting techniques.

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Episode 5 – Business fears and how to conquer them

1:11 – Resistance. How it’s always there when you start something new and how that’s not a bad thing

1:58 – What you have to get used to as an entrepreneur or you’re likely to fail. And how to recontextualize fear so it empowers you

3:08 – A common thought to have when you are starting a new business venture that you’re not making money from yet. Find out what persistent thought was in Kay’s way as she started a new business and how she overcame it

7:33 – Andy’s practical advice to Kay that you can use to overcome fear when you’re starting a new business

10:40 – How to regain control fast. A simple method for reframing overwhelm so you see the value in it

11:51 – The greatest mistake people make when it comes to fear. Learn how fear does not have to dictate what actions you take

18:45 – Two more questions to use to regain your personal power during overwhelm

14:11 – How business fears can land you instead into a fear of regret

15:57 – Boostrapping and what the early stages of a business can look like. Andy shares about the early days of Kandy’s soursop product business

17:30 – How to embrace the fears entrepreneurship and leaving a steady 9-5. Andy shares about the fears he encountered starting his first business

24:46 – Dismantle any fear in seconds with this reframing tool

28:16 – A simple tool for shifting into confidence and out of any disempowering state

30:30 – The truth about fear. Remind yourself of this and you can overcome any fearful moment

35:00 – The simplest most powerful tool for reclaiming your personal power in fearful moments

38:04 – Why tapping into your community can help you overcome fear

40:46 – A kickass way to kill a fear for people who like to take challenges head-on

Show Notes

Fear-Busting Tools for Entrepreneurs

In Episode 5 Andy and Kay discuss multiple methods for overcoming fear. Here is a brief summary. A complete fear guide is available for patron methods. Become a Patron!

  1. Recall a past triumph. Sometimes comparing your current fearful moment to a past moment where you felt a similar fear but overcame it can help give you power to move forward.
  2. Be afraid and take action anyway! Remember that your feelings don’t have to dictate your actions. You can be afraid and still take action. Keep going one step at a time.
  3. Reframe your situation through a context of contribution. Ask yourself who am I here to make a difference for? This has you switch into a more powerful mode of operation where you are not focused on yourself. When you focus on others you are more apt to rise to the occassion.
  4. Character modeling. Ask yourself who would be powerful in the situation you’re in? How would they behave? Be like them.
  5. Awesome You Life. Ground yourself in your accomplishments. It’s a fast way to remind yourself how awesome and powerful you are.
  6. Interview someone who is not afraid of the situation you’re afraid of. Their views might help you recontextualize your situation.
  7. Set a plan and make sure you have no way to get out of it. For instance, if you know you want to do more public speaking you can plan your own event. Once you invite people it’s tough to not do it!

BONUS PREMIUM TOOL: KEO-level Patrons (show supporters on get free access to a downloadable printable Fear Toolkit Become a Patron! This 20-page ebook (PDF) provides 12 fear busting techniques. Become a Patron!

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