How the Kandy Life came to be

The Kandy Life podcast came out of a desire to share an unconventional life where work is play and family time is abundant. In their life and marriage, co-hosts Kay Walker and Andy Walker often answer the question: So how do you do what you do?

After all they are entrepreneurs. They run multiple businesses, enjoy multiple streams of income, and work from home. Their time is theirs. No one in the relationship has to commute to a job. And Kay and Andy’s son Carter see more of his parents than most kids do. Plus Kandy writes books together (and apart), appears on TV, and travels the world.

How can I do that too?

The Kandy Life was created to answer that question. When the first married, the two hosts were determined not to have to work traditional jobs, commute to and from the suburbs, or suffer an ordinary and soul-sucking cubicle-life career.

Andy has had a career as a journalist, author, and TV host. After hosting and producing a globally syndicated TV show Call for Help at G4techTV, he parlayed that into becoming a serial entrepreneur, creating and selling several brands and companies over the years. He also wrote five books and

Kay started in event planning, but after peaking in the business in Toronto, she studied neuroscience and then learned digital marketing. And she became a personal growth expert that designed transformational course and train with some for the top personal development celebrities in the world. That led to authorship as a book collaborator working with top personal growth experts. Her most recent work as a book collaborator is with Vishen Lakiani of The book titled Budda and the Badass releases in June 2020