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How to Get Free Web Traffic With SEO – Episode 21

Episode Description

Want a waterfall of free website traffic to your website so you don’t have to buy ads or spend money on expensive traffic generating techniques? Then you want to learn SEO or search engine optimization. Andy and Kay unlock the secrets of how SEO works, the two critical things you need to know to win over the search engines, and what edits you need to make to your website to help search engines index you for the correct keywords. All that and more on learning SEO on the Kandy Life.

Episode 21 – Search Engine Optimization Basics

  • 0:53 – The simplest way to bring customers and clients to you is SEO. Andy and Kay explain why they
  • 2:21 – What is search engine optimization? What does that really mean? Andy and Kay explain how SEO works
  • 5:29 – Basic rules of SEO
  • 7:11 – The first rule of SEO: Produce great content. Learn what ‘great’ content means in the SEO world
  • 7:31 – A simple way to find out what people are searching for around the topic you’re looking to create content for and attract people to
  • 11:18 – Search engines rank popular content higher. Find out how to be seen by search engines as a popular site
  • 15:29 – Why the quality of your backlinks matter
  • 19:43 – Why you want to rank No. 1 in search results
  • 22:16 – What is on-page optimization? Why does it matter and how do you do it? Andy and Kay walk you through how to do on-page optimization using a funny example with a ‘why women are shaving their faces’ web article

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