Entrepreneur vs. employee: Not an easy choice

Entrepreneur vs. employee mindset – Episode 7

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Here’s a common pitfall of new business owners: They try to run a business with the same mindset they had as an employee. That simply doesn’t work. A shift needs to happen. When you run your own business no one is there to save you. You must save you. You must initiate all actions. You must troubleshoot. In other words, you must lead. And leadership is not always comfortable. So, on this episode of The Kandy Life, Kandy gives you solid advice and simple leadership hacks to transition from employee to business owner mindset.

Episode 7 – Entrepreneur vs. employee: Not an easy choice

0:20 – Employee mindset versus a business owner mindset. Why making the leap is a common barrier and how it can lead to the quick demise of any new business

5:42 – How to shift from follower mentality to a business leader mindset and the coaching Andy gave to one of his clients

7:54 – A warning to new entrepreneurs. Don’t fall into this common pitfall. It could be your undoing

8:30 – Why being fed up working for someone else can be a great catalyst and sign you should be running your own business. Andy shares a personal story about his career journey and what made him start his first business

9:02 – Why being skilled enough to be a manager doesn’t mean you’re a great leader

9:55 – What to do if you’re in a business jam and you run your own company

12:04 – A key component of business success. Why business leaders must surround themselves with successful business leaders

13:05 – Advice to live by for business owners and leaders

13:30 – How leadership really feels. Why doing leadership right might feel wrong to you

16:57 – Three simple leadership hacks that’ll help you move past any fear fast

18:12 – Why growing a business is like nurturing a newborn, and how if you’re successful, you’re baby could grow into a thriving independent adult. In other words, it could grow into a business that runs itself

20:55 – A powerful message to anyone starting a new business

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