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Easy Ways to Make Money Online – Episode 6

Episode Description

Want to make money while you sleep? In the early 2000s, Andy was doing that. He ran a blog that made $80,000 CDN per year ($60,000 USD using today’s exchange rate), at a time when making money online was less common. And he’s continued to do this as the business landscape has evolved alongside the Internet. In this episode, you’ll learn about the “low hanging fruit” of online earning. You’ll learn basic ways to make money via various online mechanisms, such as advertising, affiliate programs, product sales, drop-ship partnerships, and membership sites.

Episode 6 – Easy Ways to Make Money Online

0:38 – The Internet is a powerful business tool. The story of when Andy first learned how easy it was to make money online

4:40 – Will this Internet thing stick around? Peter Mansbridge interviews Andy in the early 2000s. Listen to an incredible clip from their talk.

8:57 – How to make money with Google Ads

12:43 – Drive ads to affiliate programs or affiliate partners and how Andy makes money with a site about mole removal

18:00 – Selling direct. Selling information products and physical products

20:00 – Why selling information products is awesome! And an overview of how to do it

23:07 – The basics skills you need to know to sell online

23:55 – What to sell when you don’t know what to sell. How to work with drop-shipping companies to sell products that you never have to touch

27:46 – How invalidating a business idea may lead you to a more lucrative one. The story of the taxi driver Andy partnered with when Kandy lived in Malaysia for one year

Show Notes

Ad Partners, Affiliates, and Selling Products to Make Easy Money Online

In Episode 6 Andy and Kay discuss multiple simple methods to make money online. Here is a brief summary.

  1. Make money with Google Ads. Visit Google Adwords to learn more and sign up
  2. Make money through affiliate programs Visit Amazon Associates, LinkShare, Commission Junction, or Clickbank to learn more and sign up
  3. Make money by selling information products Visit this page to learn how to sell books on Amazon. Or sell information products direct from your site using SamCart or with a Shopify store
  4. Make money by selling physical products Sign up Amazon’s Seller Central (if you are in Canada click here) to list and sell your products within 48 hours. Learn more about selling on eBay (if you are in Canada click here) and Etsy
  5. Make money by partnering with drop shippers Visit Oberlo.com to learn more and sign up
  6. Make money with a Patreon group Visit Patreon to learn more and sign up

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