The Kandy Life Podcast

What is The Kandy Life Podcast?

The Kandy Life is a podcast hosted by married entrepreneurs Andy and Kay Walker (Kandy for short). The duo teaches you how to build businesses you can run from home, and set up a life where work is play, you can generate a healthy income, and reclaim your time back from a day job.

If you want to dump a soul-sucking job, skip the commute, and create an income that comes from your own business(es) and works harmoniously with your life, Andy and Kay will show you how. Anyone can live the ‘Kandy Life’. It simply requires some creative ingenuity and the courage to refuse to live a life that’s not on your terms. Instead you build a life that aligns what you do, what you’re passionate about, and where ‘work’ doesn’t hinder your health or relationships.

According to Kandy, business success comes down to the mastery of two key skills:

You must continuously educated yourself on the latest business tools and secrets

You must continuously educate yourself on the latest business tools and secrets. In other words, you need to know business strategy. But you also need mindset tools because when you have these, you can easily sidestep any fears that get in the way of your success. The Kandy Life podcast teaches you both as Andy and Kay blend their expertise.

Sidestep any fears that get in the way of your success

Andy Walker is a serial entrepreneur who runs automated online operations and service-based businesses in multiple industries. He’s a former TV host of the show Call for Help. He’s been a tech expert since the Internet became the consumer Internet in 1995. By 2005 he was making $80,000 from an online blog, and he’s never stopped. Andy is committed to teaching others how to use the latest technology to build thriving online businesses. In 2013, he received a medal from Queen Elizabeth II for his pioneering work in digital media and for his work in technology literacy,  including building Little Geeks, a non-profit foundation that brought Internet connections to kids across Canada in impoverished neighborhoods. He’s also the author of five technology books.

Kay Walker is a personal growth expert and a highly sought after book collaborator/ghostwriter to experts in her industry. Her latest book collaboration was with Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley where she worked to bring his second book, The Buddha and the Badass, to the world. Kay has been studying the science of personal transformation for over a decade. She’s had the privilege of working with multiple experts in her industry. This has given her a unique position where she’s been able to connect dots and develop new mindset tools and systems. She now runs private mastermind groups where she mentors people to exponentially raise their results in all areas of life and achieve big dreams with ease.

Kandy shows you how to vet amazing ideas that can be turned into healthy businesses. And they give you tangible tools to get through the ugliest days of business ownership.

You CAN do the work you want, have the income you want, and the freedom to design the life you dream about, whatever that looks like to you.


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