The Secret Strategy of Being Weird – Episode 22

Episode Description

Any idea what these three items have in common?

  • Old ladies that wear red and purple hats
  • Starbucks
  • IT guys who leave roses

What if we add these items to that list…

  • Women who shave their faces
  • A pink pallet jack
  • Mac n’ cheese served in parmesan cups

You might be surprised that the common thread is a smart business strategy, which is this: Be weird. Learn why being different (and weird!) is one of the most effective ways to stand out and make money in business. And learn what pitfalls to avoid.

Episode 22 – Weird to Be Seen

  • 1:08 – Why being weird is an effective way to draw attention to your business. It’s in our nature not to be weird. But do that too much in business and you might fail to be seen. Learn why it makes sense to ‘zag’ sometimes when everyone else is ‘zigging’
  • 4:15 – How to use the be weird strategy on your content so it gets seen. Kay and Andy share a case study from one of Kay’s blogs
  • 6:06 – How to use the be weird strategy to bring more visibility to your business. How a pink pallet jack campaign transformed a major forklift company
  • 8:15 – How to not be too weird and put people off. How to avoid being too weird and putting people off of your brand. Learn how to nail the be weird sweet spot
  • 9:04 – How weird ideas can ignite movements. Remember when it wasn’t cool to eat butter?
  • 10:58 – Creating brand memory tags. How to build rituals into your brand that become your signature. And an example about IT guy who leaves roses
  • 12:18 – How to not go overboard with the be weird strategy. Avoid this cheesy marketing pitfall
  • 14:26 – Why going ultra-niche is a very smart move in business. Why hyper-focusing on a segment of your marketplace might pay off big time

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