no on wants to buy my product

No one wants to buy my product – Episode 8

Episode Description

Many business owners get so attached to their ideas that they tune out what the market needs. Then, they get mad and wonder why they are not making money, to boot! In this episode of The Kandy Life, Andy and Kay talk about their own experiences with this common trap. Learn why the best way to operate is to be a blend of both. That’s being an “Arti-preneur” or an “Entrepre-tist”, perhaps? Successful businesses marry their passion with commerce. And anyone can do that. Listen to Episode 9: Are you an Artist or a Business Owner, to learn how.

Episode 8 – Are you an Artist or a Business Owner?

6:28 – People want to do what they want to do and that’s not always the best business strategy. As Andy puts it “sometimes you want to pain ducks and then you find out that people don’t want duck paintings”

1:24 – Are people buying what you want to sell them? But you can adjust your passions and skillsets to find something that the world wants that you can offer and get paid for

2:02 – How to pair one a passion with a business. Andy’s story about wanting to be a doctor and cure cancer and how he is now doing that in part through Andy and Kay’s soursop fruit business

5:06 – Why being passionate about a business idea is critical for success and ultimately, the level of fulfillment you get back from your work

5:25 – Are you an artist or a business owner? Solid advice Kay received from a business coach and how to know if you are falling into a common trap of being an artist who is not thinking about what the business wants

7:50 – The simplest way to match your skills and passions with commerce and why if someone else is doing it that can be great news

9:28 – Be intentional but flexible and some personal stories of how Andy and Kay did that

18:10 – The mindset to take on to align your work with your passion

20:41 – The three steps anyone can take to marry what you love with a business

26:42 – The only two barriers that are ever in the way

Show Notes

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